Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Elevation of People’s Champions

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The time when individuals who were really leaders with people’s agenda were elevated as lights of hope in the society has long gone in the world.  One last remaining and living leader might be Nelson Mandela of South Africa.  The leaders of yesteryear had nothing but human wellbeing in their hearts and mind, and spent all their life working tirelessly to better their brethren.  For most of mankind’s existence we have had great men and women who devoted their entire life for betterment of fellow human beings and advancing the humane aspects of societies.  For centuries every nation on earth has had exemplary leaders who lived their life for societal well being and advancing the human tolerance and intellect.  By simply mentioning a few names, there would be a disservice to the names that will be missed, so the reference to the men and women who strived for others is where we leave it at and remember the peaceful, non-violent and great harmony they advocated for fellow humans.

Every nation on earth is going through its own commotion in varying degrees with unemployment, depression, scams, internal strife, bombings and murder, and every imaginable difficulty that has been invented by human race.  People simply killing each other and those in power trying to retain power at any cost, and scamming or looting whatever they can, and trying to preserve the power they have both politically and financially.  Every major market has some scam that is intertwined into the decision making process, and no one and nothing is being spared from taint.

We perhaps need a telescope to find a few good men and women who will be selfless in leading the society, and a fairly long and powerful machine to find them.  No one is teaching fairness and proper etiquette to the young ones who are constantly being barraged with the news of someone or the other doing something illegal, rather than pointing to a progress of politics, business and nature.  It is difficult to find the examples for the young ones to look up to and think positive in their outlook.  India is not alone in guys scamming and going into judicial remand, the world over the process has become so common that major leaders of the society seem to be going into custody and their lifelong work of generosity and leadership is question because of the actions they have taken during their distinguished careers.

Many people in our own community both in India and in the USA seem to have similar issues of doing something that is not appropriate at the height of their successful careers.  Although the long distinction of social service and professional success somehow get entangled in disturbing detail of impropriators suddenly putting them under the legal scanner, and diminishing their contributions.  We perhaps don’t learn from the issues the Indian community faced with years of scandal both politically and financially.

It is time for the leaders both in positions of power, or those who are aspiring to become leaders should look closely at the last few years of irresponsible behavior of people in positions of power.  Perhaps it is time for countries to look at their pre-independence time where selfless service was the daily theme rather than me only attitude.  It is time for a few good men and women to come forward and champion the good causes of human race.  It may not be a bad idea to look back at each of our nations at least a hundred years or so, and start to appreciate the individuals and their aptitude for fair and decent societies.

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