Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Energy of Live Concert

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Mani’s madness concert was hosted by Devi Foods on Saturday 28th July 2012 in Copernicus Center in Chicago.  It was a well over three and half hours, and full of energy from the crowd and the performers.  It has been some time since I have been to a live concert and I have missed a few great performances.

First the organization was very well orchestrated by Devi Foods team (www.devifoods.com).  They had snacks prior to the beginning of the concert and food at half time for all the attendees, and the polish bar was pretty well stocked.  The concert started right as scheduled and the performers did not waste any time with trivial issues and got right to business.

Mani Sharma seems like a happy man with a smile continuously through the program, and the men and women performers seem to like what they are doing.   What makes it wonderful is the crowd immediately enjoying the performance from the get go and continuing to have a great time through the program.

Mani Sharma has orchestrated over fifty live concerts in USA and with each passing one he seems to get better and better with each one.  Right in the middle of the program they had a local girl perform a full dance sequence to a song, and the young girl was perfectly comfortable performing to an audience which I estimate at 600 to 700 people.  There was no personal banter or any political or unnecessary discussions, just music and sound.  The singers both men and women were no classical singers but were great performers.

One thing that touched my tunes is the remix of the golden oldies and they were certainly in my highlights of the evening.  Also, the musical medley was also the high energy performance of the evening.  Many memories of the times in India are always recounted with the performance.  It is hard to tune into the newest songs as they are high on volume and low on lyrics, but the constant exchange of the old and new made for the entertainment to be whole.

The little ones made little fuss and the younger and older lot seems to stay put through the evening, making for a great evening.  With the ticket prices of movies zooming up and up each day, the cost of a live concert seem very small considering the length of the live performance.  Mani Sharma has several more concerts planned in the USA on this trip, and everyone should go and see them live.  It is worth the money and time.

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