Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What Can God Do?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The flash floods and devastation caused by the melting snow and continuous rain in the holy places in India has been long time coming.  Human greed, human neglect and encroachment, and unplanned development, careless attitude towards nature and every imaginable use of natural resources is the cause for devastation that is unprecedented.  God has always chosen to reside at faraway places which are pristine in nature and hard to reach for thousands of years, but man who with his greed and animosity and utter disregard for the environment and nature is the cause of devastation which is becoming a common occurrence not just in holy places, but the world over.

Far off and pristine places where god chose to reside have become places of worship for everyone, and have become commercial enterprises with roads and buildings, shops and restaurants and hotels and motels; and whatever needed to have humans visit these once faraway and remote places with relative ease.  Everything around the holy shrines once protected by nature and trees and hills and wildlife has been converted to tourist spots with total disregard for the ecosystem and environment.  The holy shrines have survived for hundreds of years without floods or avalanches and natural destruction, but have always welcomed the devotees who were willing to trek to the holy places in faith and devotion, and also taking the most difficult path to see the lord.  Sometimes it took days or weeks by foot, and through the forests and only at a certain time of the year to visit these holy places, but devoted pilgrims made the effort needed to pay their respects to the almighty despite the difficulty of the way to see the good lord.

The last generation or so have made a tourist trade of visiting the holy shrines, and even the remotest of places are being bombarded by tourists who want to be quick pilgrims.  As much as the human indifference to the almighty and the nature surrounding the lord, the encroachment of the surrounding areas of the shrines and deforestation and unplanned building has continued to contribute to the demise of the natural habitat that protected the shrines in the remotest parts of the country.  Everywhere you go, and every place you visit the sea of humanity over powers the feeling of devotion.  People push and shove and shout and spit and have very little regard for people around them.  If you have a little bit of money you use the holiest of the shrines as pleasure trips and bribe your way through the line to see the lord.  The concept of religion and devotion has been taking a real beating by human greed and disregard.

Whatever is happening with Kedarnath, Badrinath and other holy places is truly the causing of the humans.  God cannot help with stopping the human greed and human disregard for fellow humans and nature, god can only point humans to do the right thing.  We; humans are solely responsible for the destruction and devastation of the resources on earth and now we are even targeting the solar system.  We only think of ourselves; just me and me and me, and no one and nothing else.  The greatest gift god gives us is our life, and we choose to destroy and abuse our surroundings and environment, and have no remorse in causing destruction.  We have in a span of four or five generations have destroyed the natural wealth of the earth to extinction, and now are looking for far away planets for occupation and further destruction.

God can’t help us with thinking and planning, as when we are given life we are given the reasoning to do the right things and live the right way.  We seldom adhere to the human reasoning and human nature, but only to use and utilize the surroundings around us.  The man upstairs made us smart but we choose to be too smart for our own good and others around us.  God can’t save us, we have already abused every aspect of life and nature and we really don’t care about what happens to others or even ourselves.  The common phrase “only god can save us” is a thing of the past, as no one can save us from us.

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