Monday, June 03, 2013

Time to Work and Govern

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

If the elected politicians spend all their time with traveling to meet the party bosses, throwing allegations and challenges to their own colleagues and opponents, and raising money to contest the next election or fatten their bank accounts; when will they have time to do people’s work and manage their responsibilities in the government?

All the elected officials and the ones appointed by them have a schedule by season to attend the appropriate sessions to debate, discuss, argue and also participate in the democratic process of governing the people’s business.  Of late much of this time is spent on accusations and arguments on everything but the people’s business.  Parties in power and parties in opposition make it a point to do everything but hurl accusations and insults in the very chambers they are representing people, and where they are supposed to discuss, debate and make policies to manage the people’s daily business.

The country which has meager resources, but vast population needs every bit of attention by the politicians and bureaucrats to manage their resources with great care to maximize the value of the country’s holdings.  But we see no inclination from anyone in the elected office to show any inclination of helping with resources management or people issues.  Before and after elections the focus of the politicians is constantly on making more money and defaming opponents.  The assembly sessions have often turned into shouting matches and sometimes fist cuffs; often turning into confrontations between old men and women, neither beholding the office they hold nor the people they represent.

The politicians have been hurling accusations against every person who they oppose in choice language and every imaginable crime that they can think of.  No one is being spared of the abuses, even the highest office holders in the nation.  Men and women are abused equally disregarding their age, office, qualifications and their experience.  At the end of each day we have the same set of politicians, who are either in power of in opposition over decades of life in politics, but none have learned the art of governance after getting elected, rather they seem to be perfecting the art of abusing and accusing.

We have rarely seen a politician making a policy speech which is of importance to their countrymen.  We have seldom encountered an elected official represent the best of the country to the world.  We have yet to see a short or long term plan to address the many evils of the society, and its failings in decency and common sense.  We don’t see the desire to make India what it should be leading into one more century, rather simply thrive on blurting out what the other person did wrong.  If our politicians only invested the negative energy to delve into the many issues the country faces, and even for a short amount of time invest into people’s issues, we certainly will see a greater India.

There are so many common issues we have as a nation we can address and fix, and so many common sense matters that can be constantly addressed by people in power to better influence the people of the nation.  The entitlement people have in being an elected representative of the people, should enlighten them to work hard in representing the people’s issues and spend time in governing their office.  So much can be done in simple communications to the people on a daily basis on civic responsibility and education and tolerance.  If all the unwanted publicity towards accusations and anger if pointed at the people issues and advocating democratic principles there will be a pointer towards issues management that are of concern to the citizens.

Our politicians must learn from the principals of the three monkeys; see no evil, speak no evil and do no evil.  The massive media and communications channels available to public officials can be directed at areas of civil obedience, respect for fellow citizens, education, tourism and entertainment; rather than public display of anger and abuse.  Even if we grant that media wants to sensationalize the events and is only interested in arguments and fights, we can still start to instill working and governance as main objectives of the politicians, rather than fist cuffs and abuses.

We are a country which in a matter of less than 20 years went from a few minutes of television and no mobile or internet communications to a country which is saturated with media and internet, we can also become a nation of appreciation and proper planning to cater to the needs of the people.  In a country which has such diversity of needs, there is no need to think of the negatives, rather project the future that is full of promise and work towards the bright future which is something all citizens look forward to.

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