Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Limitations of Being an Indian Politician

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Although there are opposition parties in India that are simply opposing the Indian National Congress “INC”, the main opposition party that has come to force has been Bharatiya Janata Party “BJP” that has come into existence as a political party of national stature in the 1970’s.  There are many regional parties that align with a language and or a particular caste or sometimes even a leader or a family.  The main political parties typically rely on a leader and typically try to follow the personal philosophy of the individual.  The biggest asset for the party and its followers is the philosophical and ideological inspiration that comes from the leader, and during the lifetime of the leader he/she influences inordinate influence on the working of the party and its cadre.  The utmost respect that is bestowed on the party leaders is unparalleled anywhere among the free societies of the world.

India although continues to embrace western economic theories and open markets for wealth creation and somewhat of a modernization of its infrastructure, still lives in age old habits of living and following traditional attitudes.  Albeit the country has its share of hooligans and wasted individuals who rob and rape, kill and do all things that are anti-social and anti-people, by and large the country which wants to be very modern in life still continues to live in the olden days of traditional and religious structured society.  Repressed people who live in constant stresses of daily life where culture does not meet development, where people who want to progress verses people who want to intimidate, so much clash of all types of life styles and attitudes; all of them account for news worthy items of 27/7/365 badgering on viewers and readers.

There is no dearth of material for scribes in India, and in all languages.  With all the news worthy stories, politics and politicians remain constant front page news to keep the channels occupied.  Politicians have such a narrow outlook on their views of the world, their constituents and the nation, and often have no comprehension of the needs of the people they represent.  The whole nation is so parochial, to the extent it simply has no ability to look beyond the political bosses of the party they represent.  The special parochial attitude is no engraved in the INC, they leaders have absolutely no individual style, substance nor thought process.  They get into the party because of their background or money, and then pledge undying sub-severance to the leaders of the party.  For the third generation of politicians and their followers for generations simply follow the leader, and don’t have a people agenda.  The leaders only want to be in power, and run the nation irrespective of what is happening to the day to day needs of the people of the country.

It is well documented that a few people/families have been highly successful in building vast business enterprises in infrastructure, and some in information technology and telecommunications, but the majority of the Indians still have the greatest parochial attitude that has existed on the earth.  For some reason we as a society continue to look at the same leaders again and again for direction and leadership to bring better days and better living standards.  The world itself has constantly evolved with one revolution or the other, one development or the other, one technology or the other, and something that keeps making advances for a better society.  For some time during the information technology boom, India seem to have caught on the global economic boom, which was also fueled by the telecommunications industry boom, which seem to have fizzled as quickly as it took off.  The world constantly evolves with ideas that impact the life of the global population, and often when deployed and effectively adopted; it benefits enormously in reaping the benefits of the technological or philosophical changes.

We as Indians always are looking for either adopting technologies that are already extensively in use, or try to copy other economies, sometimes follow them at the end of the adaptation cycle where the benefits are not as typical as of early adaptors.  The country keeps boasting of individual brilliance, but will seldom push for a nation-wide plan of education, planning and successful indigenous processes and technology.  The parochial attitude of our leaders seldom allows for the nation to look for opportunities beyond normal.

The love for the nation and its wellbeing is seldom put in front of the national agenda, due to the blind and often narrow outlook of the politicians.  The difficulty of thinking beyond the political leaders and their interests will not allow the politicians to do anything beyond self-interest and keeping their leaders entertained.  In a democratic society, parochial attitude will not allow for forward thinking to help build plans and executing them to the good of the people.  Indian politicians have 100% limitations in just being what they are, and until we move away from the parochial attitude, we will never be able to focus on the needs of the people.

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