Monday, July 04, 2016

Flag Day

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

"I see USA flags everywhere here!!" wrote Allipuram Rajasekhar Reddy when he was around Brayton, IA · posted sometime on July 1, 2016 his Facebook page. He is from one of my many friends on Facebook. He is a visitor to the USA, who has been here for about a month, and for the first time, and has been posting on his travels and visit to the USA. I don’t know him personally, except read into his posts occasionally as I do with all my contacts. But I have been following his travels within the USA and this post really made me proud. Most of my life I have been away from my motherland, and have made the USA my homeland. I have the same fervor when it comes to nationalism to both my countries.

For a nation full of immigrants, the United States certainly displays its flag at full tilt irrespective of the time one has been on the US shores, the star spangled banner and the national anthem, immediately become a part of one’s life and the pride of all citizens. While every nation revers its national anthem and its flag, for a reason very personal to all the folks in the USA, and everyone here show great pride in the flag and its majestic display. My personal experience is that nationalism and pride in the flag go hand in hand, and it is the reverence to the spirit of the history of the nation. There is nothing that parallels the high flying flag.

USA is a nation of vast spaces, wilderness, diversity and many time zones. Its people are also as diverse as the nation itself, and they continue to add more diversity with each generation. The languages, even English is spoken with such distinct variance, you will have little difficult is guessing the accent by state. The clarity in routines, the diversity in races, the distinct mannerisms and anything different can all be the flavor of the USA. US cities are filled with diversity and energy unlike any other place on earth. With names like Chinatown, Italian Village, French Quarters, Indian Town, South Side, North Shore, Greek Village, and just about every imaginable name for the ethnicity of the people from around the world is a common identifier.

At any given time you will find community gatherings with ethnic and religious celebrations. Each cherished and celebrated with the locals and the nativity of the originating ethnicity. Everyone celebrates the diversity, and with equal fervor and pleasure and respect. There is acceptance for everything and everyone. The nation’s diversity is what it makes a magnet for the rest of the world.

All the diversity and all the differences still lead to the same flag. Irrespective of what neighborhood and what it is named after, the flag flies high. Just about every school, office, post office, court house, government and private buildings, apartment complexes, homes, cars, trucks and busses, and whatever and wherever you go, you see the flag flying. Everyone and everywhere in the USA the old glory flies high, and commands immense dignity and respect.

"Happy Independence Day".

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