Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Tale of Two Democracies

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India and USA have had devastating events in the past couple of weeks.  The two largest democracies have faced events that make the overall society cringe and suffer the consequences of carnage inflicted on unsuspecting public, and without cause or concern for fellow humans.  The fact of life is tragedy is a part of it, and no matter where you live or whatever you might be doing; life has its own way of delivering sorrow to humans.  There is no way to avoid either good or bad as it is a fact of life, and how we deal with it is what makes humans a special living beings.

From the beginning of life to the time we pass away each living moment is filled with some surprise or the other, irrespective of the time and place we will be constantly presented with something new and often unexpected.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the unexpected has to be self inflected by oneself or by others.  The recent years we have been seeing more and more hurt being inflected on unsuspecting fellow beings, and often without cause or reason.

The way we react to fellow human tragedy is really the greatest human emotion.  When one of us suffers, we must be able to feel the pain of the fellow human being, and irrespective of the race, religion, color or where you are from, the suffering or pain of the fellow human being should touch your heart.  It should make you feel the pain inflicted from your heart although the physical pain cannot be felt.  Life itself provides us with the most precious aspect of ones being; life itself.  We must be able to share our joys and sorrows with fellow human beings to really be human.

The Boston marathon bombing and the aftermath in the USA, and the Bangalore bombing and also the inhuman attack on the little girl in India are examples of humans simply being inhuman in their actions.  There is absolutely no reason for these actions and whosoever is causing such massive and global pain are leaving permanent scars on the rest of the people who are either subjected to their actions, or even remotely able to sense the senseless actions of a few individuals who cause such great pain to the entire human race.

The two democracies and its people were equally shocked and dejected in hearing the horrible events and for sure they were looking for reasons why such inhuman acts are inflicted on them.  Each and every human being must have been touched by the unnecessary acts of violence on unsuspecting fellow beings.  But the way the leaders reacted to the aftermath is worlds apart from each other.

One nation’s leaders stood together in their unanimous support of the leadership and the law enforcement agencies and extend them unequivocal support of the one nation and one stand position.  The other nation uses the unfortunate events as political ploys and trying to make political statements of the events and trying to place the blame on the current elected party.  Both are democracies and such vast difference in handling national issues and crisis.  The leaders of both countries have similar issues and similar audiences, but their handling of the situation is so different from each other, it is simply so far from comprehension.

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