Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Did People Of India Forget Bharath Mata?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India can be a dangerous place to be a girl” screams a headline on the internet. What is going on with our people? Everyday we read and hear of atrocities committed by mobs against women; mass rapes and then killing them. The killings are beyond comprehension on small child girls, who were never given a chance of growing up to be women, and then brutally killed. The news headlines are full of these unbelievable atrocities committed by groups of hooligans and there seems to be no end to the rapes followed by murder against the youngest of the girls. There is simply outcry in the media and no one seem to follow through with the capital punishment to the rouges who are constantly indulging in satanic attitude towards our own children.

Mother, Sister, Daughter; no one seems to be spared in the eyes of the hooligans. Just find a women alone and then simply abuse them. Irrespective of the capital city or small town or village or wherever the women folks go they are being subjected to the inhuman behavior of the men of the country, and when the atrocities are inflicted on the women, they are either killed or subjected to life long harassment by the society. For a nation of more than a billion, and democratic we are a nation of imbeciles and idiots who continue to either engage in atrocious behavior or live with such idiotic attitude towards our own women. We claim a lot of things such as largest democracy, blah, blah, blah. We can't claim a safe place for our own women, some crappy society that tolerates rape and murder of women.

These atrocities have become common and everyday happenings in India. They are publicized more than any government programs or business accomplishments and sensationalized in every form of the media in India and latched on by the foreign press and receive a great deal of coverage for a couple of days and then people move on with life. No one knows what happened to the rapists and killers, we already know they killed helpless women, but no one knows what happened to the criminals. There is absolutely no follow-up for what has been done to those who committed the most heinous crimes, just that they are publicized as if they have done something of national importance. None of their crimes are followed-up until the punishment is meted out to them, and then how they were punished publicized, so people know that there are consequences for rape and murder. There is nothing that shows what has been done these criminals, and nothing done to either prohibit or dis-entice future harassment of women.

There are no immediate recommendations to the national evil and harassment of women. Just punish and hanging the rapists may simply not change the inbred attitude towards the women folks. The media coverage to the extreme on each of these reported incidents only stops at displaying the plight of the deceased, rather than what will happen to the rapist. Crime and punishment, should be a part and parcel of the largest democratic country. The country also must start with providing the dignity of women in every aspect of life, not just show case a few areas of importance and excellence. Each and every women must be accorded the safety and security that is demanded in a democratic society, along with the capital punishment to anyone intruding into their modesty. Life is quite simple when everyone is accorded same safety, security and respect, and the men of India need to accord the same to every women that they extend to their own mother, sister, daughter and wife, then only these atrocities will start to become back page material and stop being front page news. We can never have a perfect society, but we don't have to have our women live in fear of the society. There many are simple ways to stop and also deter the abuse, and the government and the public should start taking steps to stop the atrocities against women. We first start with according the same respect to all women that we do to our own, although this is a broad statement assuming all men are respectful to their own families. The government and civic organizations make efforts to provide sanitation and public facilities where women will not be subjected to exposure at anytime to unsavory characters in the society. Crime and punishment that it demands and making sure each incident is followed-up through its entirety, and not just publicize the rape and just sensationalize the incident and nothing after that. Government can certainly take the steps to better facilities, education, communications and infrastructure, along with legal remedies to handle atrocities against women. May be we should all begin with respect to our own first, and smile and appreciate every mother, sister and daughter, it will be a start to a better Bharath.

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