Sunday, February 26, 2017

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The whole of North America was the native land of the Indians.  Centuries of migrants still continue to embark on a journey’s sometimes simple and sometimes arduous to migrate to the Americas, and now all of a sudden the land of the Indians has become someone else’s claim to be theirs.

Killing of a young Indian man in a public place this last week was really shameful and deplorable.  Any idiot with a gun and any idiot who is a bigot can shoot, but shooting someone who is as much an American as anyone else who claims to be American is only because the shooter is an idiot and who is really doesn't know what an American is.  He is and will use race as a way to attack anyone else who doesn't look like him.

I am sad and I am angry.  I am not confused.  I really think these idiots need to understand and appreciate what America is and who it belongs to.  It certainly doesn’t belong to any one color of people.

Let me ask as many questions as I can to see if anyone has a problem with being Indian?

  • Your doctor, nurse, caregiver, and someone who watches your heart beat, health, children and elderly is Indian

  • Your smiling pharmacist, who fills your prescription and wishes you good health is Indian

  • Your real estate agent, looking to find you a home of your dreams, and also sell your home for you to find a new one, and trying to find you the best value if Indian

  • Your insurance agent who is always trying to find you the lowest cost and highest value for you home, health, car, business, travel or any other coverage is Indian

  • Your ever smiling investment banker, always finding you multiple options for your long term security, and the future of your children is Indian

  • Your gas station attendant who is always offering to help you, and always wishing you luck with your lotto is Indian

  • Your drive thru banker, ever smiling and being helpful and always asking you if need anything else is Indian

  • Your software development team and their backbone support teams are Indian

  • Your IT infrastructure and your Internet backbone is managed by Indian

  • Your Google is run by Indian

  • Your Microsoft is run by Indian

  • Your Pepsi is run by Indian

  • Your most affluent homes are Indian

  • Your most giving community is Indian

  • Your most respectful and quietest communities are Indian

  • Your most peaceful and most revered temples are Indian

  • Your brightest and best students are Indian

  • Your best international relationships are honored by Indian

  • Your best neighbor and your best friend is Indian

  • Your everyday has some positive and progressive contribution by Indian
I can go on to type hundreds of lines of what Indian does and how Indian adds to your life.  Why shoot an innocent and humble Indian citizen?

If all this is Indian then why any Indian is not a native American?

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