Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pressuring The Elected

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Before the elections the vote seekers promise the moon and anything else that might attract a few votes, along with greasing the palms of everyone who might help get the people to vote. Its not limited to just Indian politics but it is a universal phenomenon. The delivery by a single politician or a political party will start to set the wheels in motion for public expectations on the poll promises. AAP and its poll promises and the party starting to make good on the promises made prior to the elections will set the entire national political process into a me too syndrome (not just eating public's money but making good on the poll promises) and should at least temporarily start addressing the public's issues.

AAP is beginning to work through the list of promises it made, and also listed out in writing to the other parties to form a government. This list has been not only written but published and is on the internet for everyone to see and read. It has been well documented and publicized, and there is no question that the public will forget it. It is on everyone's memory banks, and while it may not solve all the issues public probably feels that are necessary it is a list that AAP put in writing and published, and should be held accountable for.

The party first should make every effort to keep delivering to the published poll promises. If that falter in delivery trying to get them done, people will notice the effort and will also see why it might not have happened. First and foremost for a political party is to show people that you are serious in making every effort to make your administration demonstrate its spine in doing what it said before the elections. It is not a novel concept to do what you said as it simply installs a level of trust between people and its administration. By promising and planning and also executing those plans is a hall mark of a party that is serious about what it says and what it does; which in turn will endear people to embrace its administration. Development doesn't happen overnight but it is continuous and requires constant monitoring, management and investment. Picking any field to work with; education, infrastructure, technology, telecommunications, agriculture, trade, human resources and anything else that is the realm of administration and management will certainly require constant reinforcements and funding. The needs of each and every aspect of a nation's population will constantly require planning and future thinking, outside of financial resources. By attempting and actually applying the administration to work diligently about these issues or any other issues that are of importance to the people, and keeping the people aware and informed of what is being done and how each of these issues are handled is the true hall mark of democracy.

If a single party in one single city starts to deliver to its election promises, it will immediately start pressuring the future of politics and politicians. The public at large will want to hear from the people who want to lead them for next election cycle, and then they want to measure the performance based on what AAP is doing in Delhi. All of a sudden the country is looking for people to do what they have said in getting elected, and if they don't say sayanora. The AAP also is going to start the national interest in making public needs as a priority.

Common mans issues and addressing them to specifics will become a SOP for next general elections. Whatever the history of the INC, BJP or whatever other parties will also be coupled with what is the politician saying to get elected, and what will be done after getting elected will become a yard stick for politicians. Granted India cannot be modeled after one big city electorate, and the changing of hands of money and material in wooing the public to polling booths is not going to disappear overnight, but the changes to the political system has already been pushed into motion and the public has embraced the changes. This is good for the democracy which has been hurt and stagnant for decades and really needed a kick start to end the bureaucracy and bigotry.

All this adding to the pressuring the future elections and candidates running for office. AAP is doing a good job of at least attempting to meet the challenges of its election manifesto. If the party in Delhi keeps up to meeting the deliverable of its election promises, it will be great beginning for the Indian electorate. The politicians who have made a life of promises and never considering the need to deliver to them, the wannabe politicians who will face the new or future electorate, and the AAP itself who will be monitored for what it does compared to what it said prior to taking the challenges of administration in probably most corrupt place in India. Judging by the reactions of the INC and BJP and others being critical of AAP infancy and its attempts to make good on poll promises, it looks like people are getting what they have been told when the elections happened. Its a great time for people and observers alike to see what unfolds in this 2014 election cycle. Power to the people and power to the democracy and power to INDIANS and INDIA.

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