Monday, September 28, 2015

Narendra Modi

Only In India 2 0f 10
Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Narendra Modi is the current prime minister of India, and the 15th person to hold that position after the 1947 Indian independence from the British.  Modi is a lifelong follower of RSS and also a lifelong politician.  His humble beginnings and his much touted childhood as a tea seller is well documented.  Outside of a young marriage and a life of separation from his wife (who is also equally commendable as she remained loyal to the wedding and continues to remain married to Modi despite living an entire life married but without a spouse) who has lived a full life of anonymity, rest of Modi’s life is well documented since his entry into politics.

From an early age Modi (reported that when he was 8 years old) was influenced by the RSS and his entire life before and after his entry into politics and his election to the highest office of the nation, RSS and its role is well documented. Modi reflects a fairly long and committed association with his principles and practices.

Modi also retains lifelong relationships with schoolmates and fiends and colleagues, and has a great record of life full of commitment to his ideals and convictions.  For a man with such strong convictions he is surprisingly aloof from his own siblings and his once child bride.  He holds his mother very dear to him, and it is his only family relationship that he constantly acknowledges.  He is very fond of his mother, and at every opportunity he has cherished the relationship with his mother, her sacrifices to tend to him and his siblings, and her continued blessings.  Modi keeps himself away from any personal or family related issues, and keeps his siblings far away from his politics.  He does constantly acknowledge the influences of his mentors and the value of his friendships at every opportunity he gets.

India does repeatedly present great contradictions and opportunities for its citizens.  Modi is a great example of humble beginnings, hard work, dedication and persistence will allow anyone to achieve their ultimate goal.  Modi humble beginnings to where he is today, from a tea seller to the prime minister, from a RSS disciple to a global leader; all of which are incredible achievements.  India despite its issues, difficulties and limitations, always has it’s only in India opportunities, and Modi is one of the great examples of this.

Modi in his second year in the PM office continues to hold the Indian and the global public in awe of his ability to communicate and present India as a destination for work, investment and growth.  His constant interest in the global development and reaching out to everyone to work with him to develop India and help Indian public facilities and opportunities is unparalleled.  He is really a great representative for the nation and its needs.  No one matches his energy in presenting India to the world.

The anomalies with his governance is certainly highlighted with his indecisiveness in reference to his cabinet members, who are involved with irregularities in governance, and also state level office bearers who have been accused of scams.  This is very different side of Modi's personality, who is quite vocal about good governance.  He has not said a word about his cabinet members and senior state level leaders of his party, even when the whole parliament has been stalled due to the reported mismanagement and scams.  Strangely, he continues to remain silent on his own party’s scams or mismanagement.  Despite his tainted colleagues, Modi remains quite strong in representing India and himself.  Each of his foreign visits, and any dignitaries and business leaders visiting with him, definitely leave a fantastic impression for India and also bring new commitments to India’s development.

Modi is a vegetarian and practices his religion, yoga and Hindu customs that are to be cherished by all, and he also has a great respect for elders, other religions leaders and greatest rapport with world leaders, business leaders and just about everyone he reaches out to.  He is also quite tech savvy and makes great use of technology to communicate just about everything he does.  Above all he has very little possessions or attachments.

While writing his history as a great PM for India is still in its infancy, his assent to be the leader of the largest democracy in the world is a matter of legend.  He continues to makes the best case for India and its people.  With each of his trips his legend grows, and his curiosity to bring things into the common man of India continues to draw the best of the world.  The economic indicators and the inflow of investment into India continue to be positive, and with a little bit of better governance and better politicking, India for sure has a chance to get better connected, educated and a little bit cleaner.  For sure Modi can make his governance be 100% open and make it public and online, it will only help his politics and governance.  He certainly has the energy and inclination, along with the public support.

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