Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Psychology of an Elected Politician

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The election cycle has become enormously long for politicians these days.  From the time one is elected to the next election, the campaign is a continuous and arduous process which takes a toll on the general public.  The promises of pre-election continue to be reiterated as long one is in the office and they will be continued in the reelection cycle.  The only change that comes into place is fundraising that is continued throughout the time that one is in power, and with vigor and intensity to support reelection plus makeup for any investment made in getting elected in the first place.

Every election manifesto promises the moon, and massive reforms and restructuring of the current socio-economic systems, which are never justified with the available revenues in the country.  There is never any intelligence involved in making assumptions in forecasting the resources that will become available, but simply make every promise that can possibly be made to impress on the general electorate.  The irony of the country is that the public seem to believe in boasting that is fully incorporated in the speeches of politicians, if they don’t believe that simply are listening to the rhetoric of politicians and perhaps know that whatever they are hearing is simply made-up and never will become a reality.

Despite repeated and similar promises, the politicians continue to make same statements before and after getting elected.  Those who are not in power also make quite exorbitant statements on what they would do if they are brought into power, perhaps the claims of those not in power are more exorbitant than those who are in power.  Neither one of them make any sense and are realistic, as once again they are not practical and in the best interest of the general public, and cannot be afforded by the available resources of the country.

Whatever the conditions in the country; drought, famine, cold or hot or whatever is thrown at the public, they find a way of continue to live in conditions that are bestowed on them by nature, and added to that the politicians add the human element to it, by taking advantage of every opportunity they have by misappropriating the resources that are available and never having the interests of the people who need them.

The election promises themselves are so out of line with reality, it is hard to fathom the actuality of delivering them to the public.  The psychology of the politicians is to simply get elected and try to suck up as much resources as possible from the public coffers.  With each election cycle and every new entrant into politics the rhetoric and actions are only wilder and wilder, and the resources seem to be getting more and scarcer to meet the ever growing demands of the public.

There has been telecom revolution, industrial revolution, information technology revolution, financial revolution, and whatever other revolutions that have added tremendous value to the development in jobs and wealth globally, and creating massive opportunities for people, but for some reason the development in the nation seems to lack the global pace.  The politicians simply pocket majority of the wealth in their overseas accounts through middlemen and kickbacks, and whatever is left goes in the manipulations in the market place.
Nobody seems to care about the electoral audience, and the electorate might care but whatever choices they have to elect seem to have only the agenda of lining their pockets.  In a nation where the national fervor is 100%, the national leaders are simply only interested in getting elected so that they have the opportunity for fat bank accounts.

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