Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Whose Country Is It?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Every opportunity to damage property, destroy infrastructure and kill innocent people is utilized by groups claiming to be fighting for something or the other, but in reality they simply want to kill and destroy others without any direct or indirect relationship to the killers.  Each time they strike, innocent people loose lives, and many other suffer the loss of near and dear ones, their support structure and perhaps their livelihood.

There is no valid reason that one can justify to kill innocents, and the killers don’t have any valid agenda to inflict suffering on unsuspecting civilians.  There is some reason or cause raised by some obscure group to show unjustified support to create havoc with others life, but no reason to strike unsuspecting innocents who have no part in solving non-existing causes.

In reality there is no cause that demands loss of life of a community that is not even aware of the supposed cause for getting killed.  Who are these people anyway to hurt unsuspecting civilians, regardless of caste, religion or any group they might belong to?  The people who suffer are of all religions and are firstly humans.  They have no influence on the intolerance of any one community or any one country.  They are simply living their life without the burden of these so called elements.

What has become a common staple in the world is a small group of people targeting innocents who have no input into solving any issues that lead to the intolerance of a select few.  Someone at random targeting New York, Beirut or Hyderabad and or any other place in the world to destroy the human and their communities in the name of what?

The planning and execution of terrorist acts has become a common practice in today’s world.  They typically claim that they are messengers to good work, but they remain invisible and never voice their opinion in public on what they stand for.  Always all the time they try and strike a country that they don’t have anything to do with.  The support structure and funding sources come from a few countries and the reason for destruction is always filled with hatred to other communities and countries, as the countries that provide the terror funding themselves are often places of chaos.  These are no places of democracy and or of religious or cultural tolerance.  They are often places filled with hatred for their own people and full of oppression.  They find crude ways to keep the religious intolerance and communal divide alive by terror.

Isolating these nations that support terror is impossible as they will not act directly, but in discrete and under handed fashion to promote terror.  The global intelligence agencies perhaps work full time to undercut these elements and at most times successful in preventing these unwanted actions, but few of them escape the watchful eye of the intelligence and inflict massive destruction and human suffering.

Why do these people strike at my place?  What do they gain by destroying everything around people they don’t even know?  Who gains from killing in discriminately?  Can anyone in the civilized world towards the cause of killing?  Has anyone gained by killing and destroying?  Whose country is it anyway?
There are so many questions that people ask which have no answers except more questions and whenever an incident happens more suffering and more hatred.  Every single time terror strikes more innocence is lost and we continue to ask the same questions.

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