Monday, November 17, 2014

Marketing the Nation

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The fundamentals of success of an enterprise will be largely based on great marketing of its products and services. Having developed great products and fantastic services, doesn't give an automatic recognition and acceptance in the markets without targeted marketing. Just about every product; big or small invest a great deal of resources for bringing the product to market and also keeping the product alive in the minds of the buyers will constant bombarding of advertising. With media, TV and Radio blasting stuff 24/7/365, there is plenty of air space and ears that needs to be filled with promotions and advertising, and there is no lack of audience for just about every programming.

Great products and great services definitely need marketing and promotions; even apple and Mercedes need to be constantly pushed to the market (as well as many other great products and services) to keep people constantly aware of the latest and greatest in their product space. The media never stops pushing even cola which just about everyone in the world has a favorite one. The art of constantly reminding people of a product is taken to greater lengths each year with more and more focused and polished advertising and marketing. The overall success of the product or service is directly proportional to how successful the marketing campaign is to reach out to the target audience.

As with products and services, nations also market themselves as great places to invest and promote their countries as places which are a must for tourists. Nations use their bast face to promote their countries and try and target the global audience for attracting more and more visitors each year. Even the USA, UK and other major economies constantly promote each of their nations to the global audience as places to visit, and in many cases the states with in each of the nations keep publicizing their locations to attract visitors and also investments. Road shows and promotions are also common while pushing stuff into the market. Today we see movies being promoted with so much expense and hype, the marketing budgets sometimes equal the cost of production. Everyone, every media and every company and every nation is constantly trying to woo more and more public to embrace their product or service.

Even president Obama is not too shy in promoting the USA and its tourism and enterprise. There is no markets or there is no people on earth who will not be targeted even by the greatest companies or national leaders. Typically displaying the competence and the infrastructure for the businesses and the beauty, culture and historical significance along with weather and activities for tourism are hyped with absolutely stunning locals, pictures and people. It works and there by constantly marketing stuff pays dividends.

Looking at India, which is a relatively young independence (1947 is young in the earth years) has quite a standoffish attitude in pushing products and services. Although the recent years have seen movie makers taking the lead on promotions, and also some of the major companies following suit with their global counterparts, the marketing of the nation has been a non-existing activity for the head of the state or higher level politicians. Come the new prime minister, Mr. Modi this has dramatically changed. Here is the head of the state who is constantly promoting the country and its needs, and he is not shy about asking other nations and industries and private investors to come and invest in India. As months go by in office, Modi is constantly on the horn touting his administration and his policies to bring more and more investments into India. For a politician he is very savvy with marketing and promoting his agenda. For the first time India does have a great resources in the PM himself as the best marketing lead. Modi often and constantly markets his agenda and also his country. For a stodgy political system in India, it is great to have a PM who is a great marketing lead. Not only his work ethic but also his personal pitch to the world is a welcome sight from old age politicians that have represented India prior to Modi.

All Modi now needs is the support of his countrymen in delivery of the great market he is pitching to the world. The people and their competence, the systems and their ease in building new business, the politicians and their age old issues of graft, the country and its attitude towards work and enterprise, delivery and dedication; there are so many more aspects to a successful nation. Modi promises all this and aggressively markets the nation, and with wonderful reception wherever he goes to. All we have to do now is to start to deliver to his promise. 

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