Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter is Here

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

This week we are bracing for another polar vortex. Its only the second week of November and a couple of weeks away from thanksgiving of 2014, but we already are bracing for really cold weather. Last year when the word polar vortex was popularized by the news channels (constantly), I had the impression that this polar vortex phenomenon was only once in a while happening, and did not expect it to be as soon as with in a year of the last polar vortex.

We had a relatively mild summer in Chicago this year after a regular winter last year. Actually the summer time seems to just come and go, as there was no let up of winter until late into the spring and the winter has already arrived by early November. After all these years of life in Chicago, the cold weather doesn't bother me, but it is interesting to see the winters come early and be severe for several months. This was the pattern we are used to here, but for a few years we had mild winters and the talk of global warming becoming very fashionable.

There is nothing to shy away from speaking of the abuse humans inflict on the environment, and how we trash everything around us. We simply love to generate garbage 24/7/365 and no stopping how much and how many different ways we have for creating trash. The biggest challenges for mankind will be trash management and as we have more and more of us every year, trash management will continue to be a great challenge for the human race. We have so far destroyed thousand of species, and we continue to destroy other animals, birds and living being, and also land, forests, trees and environment, and we have no shame in dumping on the fresh water and sea water. Our thirst for garbage creation and uninhibited dumping is unparalleled phenomenon, which is only second to human greed. The governments and environmentalists and scientists and everyone else continue to warn us of grave and destructive consequences of dumping, which never seem to help in containing our desire for creation of garbage. The man kind has insatiable appetite for junk creation and dumping and no amount of alarm raised has not hampered our aptitude for garbage creation.

The weather patterns had been unpredictable for a few years and the clod season becoming less severe, but the last year was as common a winter as it should be in Chicago, and this year seems to follow suit with the normal and harsh winters of the windy city and its surroundings. The link to dumping on earth and global warming, and the changes to the weather patterns, all are true, but the severe winters coming back with a bang are also true. It doesn't mean that global warming is not a destructive phenomenon. We simply might get harsher than normal winters, and polar vortex which was a rare occurrence becomes a normal weather pattern every winter.

Unabated dumping and destructive environmental practices will have an impact on generations to come, and whatever corrective practices we will instill with the global population, will have to be adopted by everyone. Allowing for exceptions and keeping economics in front of environment, will not help the world. Cleanup drive in every part of the world, and respect for the surroundings will only help foster the planet for millions of years to come.

The severe weather patterns and changes to the cyclical patterns of seasons will not be corrected overnight, because the damage has been caused over decades of human abuse and dumping in every place on earth; land, water, air and even space junk is dumped without abandon.

For some reason known to the man upstairs the earth seems to bear the brunt of the humans, and keeps rebuilding and surviving the onslaught of dumping. We continue to see the beauty of the nature and seasons, and the life across the planet. We also see the devastation that we cause each time there is a catastrophe, and also see the mother earth some how reinvent the

Winter is here, and early in 2014. This sinks well with the normal weather patterns for the Midwest, and two years in a row the weather cycles seem to be normal. If this continues for years to come, Chicago will remain the windy city and our weatherman will have no new issues except report normal weather patterns. Its great to see the normal weather for two years in a row in Chicago, and it will be great to see the weather normal for time to come.

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