Monday, September 23, 2013

Reinventing India

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

India and its population has been growing at an unprecedented rate, and in a decade or two India could be the largest populous country on earth. While the human explosion is not just the worrisome factor for the largest democracy on earth, it is the stagnant and stale leadership of the country and its states that has been in the dark ages for almost all of its time since the Independence from the British in 1947. The leadership, the followers and one person based build-up of the political parties and their ideology have not caught-up with the present day needs of the country and also the country's position in the global scenario. We continue to have the centuries old mindset of hero worship the leader and not put the public interest first.

Global economies and leadership are constantly changing and economic considerations and human resources drive the political and people agenda in most of the world. In most global democracies leaders get elected and leaders get replaced based on their commitment to positive change and people's agenda. India although the largest democracy on earth, still seem to be stuck in the medieval times in following the leadership, and only paying obedience to the leadership. Although we no longer have kings and kingdoms, the mentality of the elected people has been stuck in medieval times; blindly follow the leadership. Changing global dynamics and massive population and depleting resources and political greed, will not allow for the country to cater to the needs of its people first.

May be the British rule for so long and perhaps the invaders of India prior to the British, who practiced the that accepting the way of life with “baksheesh” has been well engrained in Indian culture and its people, it is catastrophic in nature for the country. Every aspect of the people and resource management of the country requires whetting of the hand at every level of the administration, its not just a small gift in return for a job well done, it is a greater portion of the resources that are lining the pockets of a few politicians than that are being invested into the economy of the country.

Even if we ignore the way of life of our religion and culture, the father of the nation constantly demonstrated and practiced Life of simplicity. We as Indians only have his name on our lips and never practice or respect his ideology. We only grab what we can and take whatever comes our way, and never want to be satisfied for what we work for. The father of the nation looking down on us must be wondering about what ever happened to his people, and more so his teachings. None of us want to worry about our neighbors and our society, we only want to worry about ourselves.

While Indians want to look forward to positive and futuristic changes to the society, individuals will seldom contribute to extending support to others. We are always looking for divine intervention, but seldom practicing the teachings from the history of the nation. Our respect for the resources and nature is seldom reflected in our day to day living. The continued and destructive natural calamities brought on everywhere in India are not really natural disasters, rather man made mismanagement that contribute to the destruction we face almost in every season of every year.

More than a billion people and growing, it is difficult to plan for controlling the demands of the population and basing them on available resources. The country will have to find the stomach to reinvent itself, and it must be through education, employment and looking forward to peace and prosperity. Politicians and people wanting power need to really look at the founding father's example of “service to people” rather than bank balances. There must be pride in representing people, rather than politics as a business enterprise.

Leadership and commitment to the people and making India First in the agenda of politicians will certainly point to reinventing India again and again, and when it needs to be challenged. We have the people power and knowledge power, and also the resources and needs to become self-reliant and self-sustaining. We just have to start by reinventing our individual attitudes to the country and our fellow-citizens, and then the country will start to be reinventing to a forward looking and progressive democracy, envisioned by the father of our nation.

God alone and prayer will not be able to solve the insurmountable issues that the country has without the greed of politicians and bureaucrats. It does require extended planning and unflinching commitment from elected officials at all levels to look for common good of all the people of the country. The nation has the natural resources and human resources to help meet the demands of its ever growing population and ever growing demands on its infrastructure. We can start with one or a few leaders who will make country first and then reinvent the process of building a happy and prosperous India that has the best interests of its citizens first.

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