Monday, September 16, 2013

Any Reason For Worry?

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The chief minister of Gujarat, Mr. Modi has been elevated to lead the main opposition party in general elections next year, and just a couple of days ago he was announced as the priministarial candidate of BJP, if they come into forming a government at the center if the elections are held in 2014. If the elections are held in 2014 is a real question based on the history of Congress in India, but all likelihood that next 12 months will be full of political super action in India. The rhetoric and accusations and counters will equal to some of the greatest action movies of India, if not the world. The public will be spared no time to worry about themselves and will have themselves inundated with abusive coverage for months to come.

The interesting challenge for the ruling party was to present its own candidate who will become prime minister if they acquire a majority of the parliamentary seats. They simply announced that their younger leader Rahul Gandhi will be an inclusive leader who will embrace all sections of the electorate where as Narendra Modi will be a divisive force in the nation with his hinduvata feelings.

Everyone in India and everyone who follows Indian politics and government agree to the need of changes required to the policy and power of India, where as the current party in power (twice in a row) would like to remain in power while promoting a new member of the political dynasty to the people of India. The main opposition wants Mr. Modi to take the leadership of the nation, which has been struggling with internal and external pressures.

The critics of Mr. Modi target him for his links to his religion and hinduvata. The Congressmen present Rahul Gandhi as a savior of the party and the nation. Until a couple of week, Mr. Modi was a fantastic regional leader with great people, political and business skills which all has shaped his state into a model for development. If you speak to just about everyone from Gujarat, irrespective of their political affiliation or whatever caste or religion they belong they have a high regard for what is happening in Gujarat. Gujarati’s are more favorable to their state than that of any other NRIs of other states of Indian origin. Some give very high praise to Mr. Modi, and some simply praise the development in their state without acknowledging Mr. Modi, but all of them are quite fond of what is happening in their state, and full of praise for the development in the state. The fact of the matter is that in general the Gujarati’s from India and the NRI's both contribute to development of their state, and take a lot of interest in what is happening there.

Mr. Modi's skills in managing the state and its bureaucracy is highlighted through his time in politics and his ability to mobile people and organize efforts are well documented and recognized. He has worked hard within the party ranks and various channels leading to the position of chief minister, and now being elevated as the party's candidate for prime minister. Even people who dislike him will grudgingly admit to his skills to organize and mobilize. One and probably the biggest asset he has is of not having baggage to carry to do any favors for family as he identifies no family connections in his resume, and doesn't have a long list of people who might use his name to seek favors. This man is hardcore politician and sees development as a model for helping his state and people.

Mr. Modi is also quite articulate and pointed. His speeches are full of directness and wit, and sometimes quite effective in getting into the skin of his opponents. His elevation in Gujarat was never questioned nor opposed, but his elevation at the national level has been seeing a lot of opposition from not just the opposition parties but also some with in his own party. While no one is questioning his leadership skills and organizational abilities, some point to his religious views. We will all forget that every leader comes from a different community and India has historically was never influenced by a single person's views on religion. India and its people should never worry about what will be the view of prime minister on religion, rather his or her competence in managing the millions of things that are of importance to the country, and having the abilities to focus on India and Indians. He or she should make every effort to stop the scams and cheating by the elected politicians and high level bureaucrats, and do everything in power to protect the resources of the country only for the use of its people.

It is not going to be an automatic decision to make one of these gentlemen as the next prime minister of India. Indian always springs surprises on its people and electorate, and next national elections can be one full of surprises. There is a lot of drama with regional parties and their interests aligning with their local requirements, and caste, religion, sects, language and whatever other factors will be a factor in electing and choosing the next parliamentary party to lead the nation and then a leader.

Its good to have these two men identified as their respective party's candidate to run the country, but we have a very long way to go before the elections. At this point of time no party might get the absolute majority to form the government and they will have to work with a number of alliances and regional parties to form the government. All we can do is look forward to the next general elections and see how the drama plays out. There is never a reason to be concerned about just one leader of the country, rather we must focus on eliminating the corruption and eliminating the thievery of national resources.

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