Friday, January 01, 2010

Leadership Vacuum

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

Amazingly the state that contributed the most number of MPs to UPA government in 2009 and bringing Congress to power in the center for the second consecutive term seems to get no respect to dealing with the crisis situation with separation activity and destruction of wealth.

The death of YSR last year seem to have brought terrible lack of leadership, experience and intelligence to handle the complex state of affairs Andhra Pradesh seem to have fallen into today. With in weeks of the death of the leader of the state, the affairs seem to out of control and illogical for a common man to appreciate of understand why the state has fallen into such terrible predicament.

The current chaos is not a upraising in general public which was disenchanted with the administration or general living conditions. The state was seemingly doing quite well until Dr. Reddy’s untimely death, and all of a sudden fall into the crisis of every possible situation with natural disasters, political ineptitude, financial difficulties, unresponsive central administration and generally leaderless situation. A bunch of failed politicians and opportunistic voicing of opinions and disastrous reading of the state crisis by the central administration further complicated the December 2009 for the people of Andhra Pradesh.

Not a single policy or political statement has come out to handle the current crisis which has destabilized the state, curtailed the educational process, inhibiting the development process, created political inaction. All we hear is crappy language from people who really had no political stature prior to Dr. Reddy’s death. All of a sudden people are suffering the idiosyncrasies of every elected politician, who all of a sudden seem to have found a voice to blabber utterly idiotic words aimed at each other and nothing to stop the destruction of property in the State. No politician had died and they have successfully faked fast unto death schemes.

The central government has no handle on the sentiments of the people, and continues to dilly dally about the pronouncements of the politicians. If the politicians don’t represent the interest of the people in the assembly and work to improve the possibility of really representing the needs of the electorate, they should dissolve the entire assembly and appropriate measures should be taken to first install representatives who will stop personal abuse and present people’s issues.

There have been many issues that have been many divisions of states, and sometimes combining of territories in India. There is no reason for Telugu people to suffer such inept political process. Our people should reject the violence and admonish the people who are instigating the destruction. People should stop listening to illogical statements and pronouncements from failed politicians. The public should live normal life and stop miscreants from destroying property, and continued inconveniencing of life by the political parties.

Telugu people living across the world have the abilities, resources and wisdom to resolve their issues peacefully. We must strive to choose proper representatives that will bring the current chaos to a halt and successful process of meeting all Telugu peoples needs; both short and long term. We should reject the politics of destruction of our systems and life.

YSR may have had his own style of functioning, but certainly kept all political parties and people to work with each other, while engaging the central government to listen to the state’s issues. We should seek leadership, or provide leadership to enhance the value systems of Telugu people, and not be held hostage to the failed politician’s survival tactics.

Look for true solutions to erase the poverty, improve basic infrastructure, commonsense, education, jobs and right set of political infrastructure. When we do the right things to improve our state, division or together, will be a successful process.

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