Sunday, December 06, 2009

Self Destruction

Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The value of our common language and statehood seem to go into hibernation when politicians hack into the fabric of Andhra Pradesh in the name of individual district or regional rights. Andhra Pradesh has fostered a well positioned growth over the last 15 years or so, and continues to develop into one of the foremost investment destinations in India.

The last 4 elected governments 2 with YSR, and 2 before that with CBN, did quite well for the City of Hyderabad first, and then with YSR for the state. The untimely death of YSR, has really brought out the worst in the political parties, and in just a couple of months, the state has been thrown into chaos.

There is no easy solution to dividing the state, and its people. For decades they are one fabric. Albeit identified as 3 major regions in the state, they are one people and one language, bonded together with culture, tradition, customs, marriage, settlements and work, along with the capital city.

There is no reason for destruction of property; both public and private, and killings. No politician has died in this politically driven idea of separation. Each of the three regions of the state has their own gripes, and justification for agitation to bring more state and central resources.

A student destroying public and private property is simply no way to gain self sustaining states. The drama of politicians pretending to fast on to death is simply a drama, and not reality. The same politician had many years to demonstrate the will to negotiate the demands of the region, but failed with each successive year, and has minimal electorate support before resorting to a fast unto death, which did not last for 2 days, while enticing the public to start self molestation and destruction. There is absolutely no reason to support the movement as a political movement, but if real can be a student led process to demonstrate and establish credibility for separation of regions of the state, with proper commercial and regulated division, without discounting all the realities of separation.

We are poor and middle-class with a sprinkling of rich people in the state and country, and with all politicians cunning and scheming to be in power, and in press and make hay. In the democratic India we should respect the sensitivity of our fellow citizens and not politicians. By destroying property of our own we simply pave way for poorer infrastructure, and not a better state, be it a divided or together Andhra Pradesh.

Children, women, students, workers and everyone lost valuable resources for the past few days while there is shutdown and destruction. With each day lost in school no student will benefit, and with each day lost at work the state and its people lose. Go back to school and work, and don’t destroy the infrastructure and other people’s property. If there is legitimate demand for separation, elect politicians that will peacefully and purposefully achieve the separation, and all with keeping the best interest of the people at heart, and not politics.

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