Sunday, March 12, 2017

Optimism and Change
Vasu Reddy from Chicago

The just concluded state elections in India (primarily in north India) continue to show the belief in the nations optimism.  Modi is a leader who really represents the thinking and beliefs of the nation, and since Modi became the prime minister of India in 2014, he continues to show that the progressive and inclusive agenda for the nation and he will continue to be the change agent for the nation.

Over the last couple years as India’s leader, Modi has stuck to his core principals, that made him the PM of the largest democracy on earth.  I liked to believe what he was saying, and I really liked that this man has no incentive to steal and scam the Indians.  Politically he had no financial aspirations for himself and he doesn’t have anyone (family, children, friends or anyone else) hanging on to him and affiliated to his power to steal from the public coffers.

For everyone watching, Modi might be anything they want to believe, but everyone knows he is a man who doesn’t take money, doesn’t need to take money and doesn’t have anyone around him asking for money, and ultimately whatever he does is in the interest of people and his party.  I choose the party in my narrative as he represents a political party, now which is with perhaps the largest registered political membership on earth.  His ideals and agenda represent his party’s politics, and they are certainly in the best interest of India.

The just concluded election and the astonishing results that put BJP and Modi in political power in the largest state in India along with others, is an excellent grade sheet for Modi.  The practicality of daily life drives the voters to elect and reelect a politician and his party, and there is no better testament to Modi and his governance than the just concluded elections.  Caste, Creed, wealth, education, language, gender and anything that separates the voters all comes to what they see in a leader and how he fulfills to needs of the people.  Modi might not be perfect but he is certainly with the people’s agenda and keeps working towards fulfilling his stump promises.

The recent demonetization simply put almost all of India’s money back into circulation.  There were problems with implementation, but it did bring the black marketers, terrorists, tax cheaters, hoarders and all kinds of unwanted elements to declare or destroy their ill-gotten wealth.  Indians suddenly have an economy (even temporarily) that accounts all its currency.  If this was a suicidal tactic, Modi was more than willing to risk his politics, rather than keep the mismanaged currency in circulation.  The election results show that people agree with him and people don’t mind suffering a little to take the culprits out of the society.  The strategy of demonetization worked, and only voices you hear is politicians who are running against Modi.  Demonetization was a move that was much needed by the country and its people, and only Modi had the political acumen and personal commitment to the nation to do it.  I really think it worked beautifully.

The benefits of IT collections, all currency and accounts accounted and in public and the sudden infusion of cash into the banking system certainly helps the nations cause with nation building, and lowering interest rates.  The nation is already starting to see the benefits of demonetization and elimination of black money, and continued pressure on back markets and terror funding will help the nation with its fiscal management.

While it might still be in the minds of many that Modi could not deliver to everything he said in 2014, we also must be able to better evaluate his management and politics.  He does remain untainted and uninterested in personal benefit.  He does work hard to implement and promote his policies.  India first and Indians first is constant in his stump and actions.  Next three years will continue to see him work hard to deliver, and even if he doesn’t fulfill 100% he is more than compensating with his personal and political agenda to betterment of India and all Indians.  He will be remembered as a man with India first and nothing personal in his agenda.

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