Monday, July 27, 2015

Human Nature Part 3 of 3 - Weather

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

Every ten minutes you get a weather bulletin in Chicago.  This is where I live so this is the best reference point I have.  I am pretty sure everywhere you go or live in the USA, the weather bulletins are a part of the radio and TV, and the mobile and internet channels.  In about 10 minutes you get the latest and greatest on the weather updates.  We have very fancy names for people who deliver the weather reports, such as chief meteorologist.  Listening to the weather is actually a part of the normal routine for everyone, and I really think no one really pays attention, unless they see something serious happening around them, it is really background noise?

Weather is unpredictable everywhere.  It changes constantly.  It can be anything; harsh, normal, beautiful, hot, clod, sun, wind, snow, rain and any combination.  Weather can be anything we can imagine, but we know it is changing constantly.  We can use any adjective we can think of for weather, and it will happen.  If you live in Chicago, for sure you don’t have to wait very long to experience the changes and that too very quickly and very fast in patterns.  We are fortunate to really see the four seasons in their full bloom in this part of the world.  Each of the seasons in their full splendor and full bloom with a constant what if it was, is the normal routine for people who live in the region.

Too hot, too cold, too much snow, too much rain; and then you will also hear along with a beautiful spring day, perfect beach weather, great winter weather, snow day, rainy day, for Chicagoans a windy day, and colorful fall day; all these are things we are used to from our meteorologists.  It makes us happy to hear about good weather.

Simply thinking of good weather lifts our spirit.  For some reason picking on our nature and equating to the human spirit is really what we are.  Simple things make us happy.  A rain drop, a snow flake, cool breeze, warm weather and any variation of enjoyable combination of living makes us reflect and also happy.

When politics, money and global events make us wonder what is going on the world with unpredictable instances that happen constantly, weather is something that is also that is happening constantly.  But the weather at most times is a relatively predictable change, compared to the human behavior.  For sure we have extremes with cyclones, earth quakes, swelling rivers and severe weather, but just about all of the weather patterns are easily predictable and avoidable.  We can at most times get away from simply following the weather bulletins that are updated about every 10 minutes, and following the directions will certainly avoid any bad weather or find a place to let the weather pass through.  And for sure the weather will pass though and we simply reflect and move on with life.  We enjoy the good, we try and stay away or avoid the bad, and try to go far away from the severe.  It’s simple to deal with the weather and its unpredictability.

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