Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Equality for All

Vasu Reddy From Chicago

The democratic nations are still undergoing the metamorphosis of acceptance that all people are created with equal importance and equal rights.  Granted that women and men are biologically different, and people come in all shapes and sizes and colors; all said and done; we humans are equal to one other.  Over centuries of cultivated traditions and cultures and the human behavior to make rules that best suit the powerful, many things we know as norms have been followed by societies.  In varying degrees men and women have different behaviors and roles in daily life, and the society itself over time has made up some way of life for men and women.

In the recent decades there has been a gradual detachment to the age old rules and traditions laid out for men and women, and people in some parts of the world have been embracing the equality aspect of all a bit more progressively than others.  Democracies have also been fostering the equality for all a little more actively than other forms of governments.  Many of the democracies such as UK and India, along with many others have already had women national leaders, demonstrating that women can lead large nations and do so effectively.  There is no question in the equality aspect for humans when it comes to intelligence and dedication; just that we must be in an environment that fosters education and dignity.

Civil rights movement, gay rights movement, fighting for religious freedom and minority rights movement and many other instances where a certain group of people raise their voices to achieve equality in the society have been done and will continue to be in force as long as human beings exist.  We as a clan disagree often and show individual preference for way of life often.  There is nothing wrong in individual choices, just that we don’t want to trample on others right to exist.

Although India is the largest (and probably going to be) democracy on earth the differences of opinions of people are rampant.  We are a country which fosters secularism, and thus a greater variety of disagreements within the population.  The languages spoken, the caste system, the parochial attitudes and whatever human fragilities we can imagine are engrained in the population of the country, which is at best difficult to have any kind of consensuses.  We constantly argue and debate and disagree more than any other human population, and just about every Indian wants to see the other guy be a fool rather than achieve.  We seldom have praise for our fellow citizens, and rarely have one voice against our nation or our people.  We squabble over everything and disagree on just about everything.  The sates and districts, towns and villages and even small gatherings of people typically are against something than for something.  Granted that democracy offers people a choice of opinion, but we are so opinionated; we have multiple opinions on everything.  We as a society thrive on argument rather than unity.

The nations around us; big and small step on our people and policies and we simply argue internally about non-issues rather than act as a unified nation in response to the unprovoked aggression.  When disasters happen we try to blame someone or the other, rather than lending a helping hand.  We have many laws and regulations, but we only want someone else to follow them, and none of us feel that all laws are equal to all people, but we still want equality for all.  Such a dichotomy for our nation but wanting equality, but will not want to follow the rules.

How we can have equality for all if we only want the other person to follow the rules and we ignore the obvious?  A nation of vast population and equally vast values and traditions but people of the nation who disregard the laws and think they are only made for others.  The politicians and leaders who fume the people’s passions based on hatred and distrust continue to feed on the intolerances built into our society, and will continue to want to have people fear of something that is not really there, but believe that it could happen.

We are a very long way from equality for all in the society, and it is difficult to fathom when we can foster such a democratic country.  The politics and policies are continuing to be more regressive to the best interests of the nation, while focusing only on being in power.  The country will be pretty soon out of scams as there is not a single field that has been untouched by some form of a scam.  We are quite some time away from equality for all, as the current crop of politicians and leaders have forgotten what it means to strive for equality.  They are all too busy in trying hard to be in power, and those who are not, trying very hard to get into power.

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